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LGRC brings best practice to every aspect of a Local Council’s activities – from community strategy and planning right through to service delivery and council administration.

We provide four different types of support to Town, Parish and Community Councils to achieve this aim:

  • Locums and Interim Staff – to meet a crucial short-term staffing need where the need arises, whether this relates to the role of the clerk, deputy clerk, RFO, or other member of staff, part time or full time. We also provide a free vacancies advertising facility for permanent staff.


  • Consultancy Services – for instance to help develop community strategies, carry out governance and staffing reviews, recruit key staff, and conduct community communication surveys.


  • Training – to develop the best practice skills needed by councils to manage assets, procure and deliver services, and engage effectively with your communities, while ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and procedures.


  • Outsourced Services – such as financial management and human resources administration, so that both council staff and councillors can utilise more of their time productively to meet community needs.

Locum Services

LGRC can provide a well-qualified locum or interim member of staff to meet your specific short-term need, whether this is for an interim clerk, deputy clerk, RFO, or other member of staff. Our locums are very experienced and qualified local council clerks and other officers who know what needs to be done and can ‘hit the ground running’. Our services are fully compliant with HMRC rules on employment taxation.

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Best Practice Consultancy

We have developed a range of consultancy products which enable us to work with you in a structured way to review and develop community strategies, undertake staffing reviews, develop training plans, conduct community communication surveys, review budgeting and accounting processes, and recruit key staff.

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Training Services

We deliver a range of courses and training assets aimed at developing the practical skills needed by local councils to carry out their role effectively. We employ advanced training delivery methods that make optimum use of classroom based training, webinars, video, online training aids, and clear, practical course materials.

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Outsourced Services

Our outsourced services enable council staff and councillors to focus their valuable time to greatest effect in the knowledge that routine but time-consuming tasks, such as payroll accounting, bookkeeping, HR administration, document management, and IT service provision are all being carried out securely and to the highest standards.

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Our Latest News

LGRC Employees Take Overall Control as Company Transitions to Majority Employee Ownership

In another reason to celebrate May Day, also known as Workers’ Day, Bristol-based LGRC Associates Ltd is delighted to announce the successful transition of this national business into majority employee ownership.

LGRC has been operating with a highly successful shadow arrangement in place for the last 12 months to ensure a smooth transition on the big day.  Over the same period, the company has grown very significantly, consolidating its position as the leading provider of locum and consultancy services to the local council sector in England.

Founding company director Nick Randle OBE has been elected  chairman for the current year before handing over the role to a partner in due course.  Wendy Randle, also a founding company director, is company secretary.

Familiar LGRC faces are also taking on board directorships and key roles:

  • Steve Milton becomes Vice-Chairman
  • Louise Steele becomes Finance Director
  • Karen Crowhurst becomes board Director
  • David McKnight becomes Chief Executive

Janet Eustace takes on the chairmanship of the LGRC Associates Partners’ Employee Ownership Trust – which holds the transitioned company shares on behalf of the employees, represents the employees interests to the board, appoints trust directors to the board and works to manage the business.

As the company enters this new phase of its development, Nick and Wendy Randle have begun to pass control of the company to the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) which now holds shares, appoints Trust directors and helps the main board manage the company on behalf of the group of employee partners who work for LGRC. It will also oversee the employee partners’ bonus arrangements which will be similar to the “John Lewis” model

Nick Randle OBE, chairman of LGRC, said:
“As our retirement approaches, it was incredibly important to Wendy and me that  LGRC continues to thrive and to deliver the vision that brought it into being.  What better way to achieve that, than by a transition to employee ownership, empowering the people who helped make this highly successful business what it is today, to manage its future .

James de le Vingne, chief executive of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA), said:
“We congratulate our members, LGRC Associates Ltd, on its transition to employee ownership; securing the ethos, values and culture of the business.

“Businesses that give employees a stake and a say build trust and shared responsibility, uniting leaders and employees behind a common purpose, and leaving businesses in a better position to flex and adapt.”

An EOT is an increasingly popular model of company ownership and management. This transition will lay the foundations for the future development of LGRC, which has an ambitious business plan to provide more high-quality skills and services to councils who are facing times of change.

As part of the transition process the founders, Nick and Wendy Randle addressed a non-binding, but well received, advisory letter of wishes to future boards of the company and its employee-owned trust.  The letter set out the founders’ vision for the business and wishes for the future, as a reference for future generations of partners who will manage the business going forward.

LGRC was founded in 2014 by a small group of three directors, and in the time since then, has evolved to be the leading provider of temporary skills ,resources and expertise to the Local Council sector. With hundreds of successful assignments completed, the company has a strong reputation with clients and a wide portfolio of services it can offer.

LGRC is growing


LGRC is recruiting more experienced and qualified Clerks and RFO’s for locum and consultancy assignments nationwide

  • Calling qualified and experienced Town and Parish Council Clerks or RFOs who may be considering a change of direction in 2023. LGRC Associates, the largest Independent Professional Resource Services provider in the Local Council Sector is seeking new freelance associates and full partners to help meet demand from our large and increasing base of Client Councils. We have a constant demand for Locums and Consultants working on a range of management challenges in all types of council.
  • We would be pleased to consider applications from motivated and resourceful professionals with CiLCA and/or an appropriate accounting qualification and good Local Council experience. Associates and partners should be prepared to travel and undertake contracts with a mix of remote and on site working. You should be confident that you can work in different Local Council environments and have the skills and confidence to diagnose and tactfully resolve problems with an objective professional approach.
  • LGRC is in the process of becoming an employee owned enterprise and we have two types of associate. All new associates work with LGRC initially on a freelance basis but with appropriate experience and performance in initial assignments, can be considered for a partnership in the company. Partners have employee status and an exclusive relationship with LGRC and are eligible to hold roles relating to the running of the company including as trustees of the Employee Ownership Trust and as main board directors. Partners benefit from participation in profit sharing and eligibility for additional employee benefits provided by the company.
  • Work as an LGRC associate can be both interesting and rewarding. We need good people nationwide but most especially in the Northampton, Hertfordshire , Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire area, The South West and the North of England.
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