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LGRC brings best practice to every aspect of a Local Council’s activities – from community strategy and planning right through to service delivery and council administration.

We provide four different types of support to Town, Parish and Community Councils to achieve this aim:

  • Locums and Interim Staff – to meet a crucial short-term staffing need where the need arises, whether this relates to the role of the clerk, deputy clerk, RFO, or other member of staff, part time or full time. We also provide a free vacancies advertising facility for permanent staff.


  • Consultancy Services – for instance to help develop community strategies, carry out governance and staffing reviews, recruit key staff, and conduct community communication surveys.


  • Training – to develop the best practice skills needed by councils to manage assets, procure and deliver services, and engage effectively with your communities, while ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and procedures.


  • Outsourced Services – such as financial management and human resources administration, so that both council staff and councillors can utilise more of their time productively to meet community needs.

Locum Services

LGRC can provide a well-qualified locum or interim member of staff to meet your specific short-term need, whether this is for an interim clerk, deputy clerk, RFO, or other member of staff. Our locums are very experienced and qualified local council clerks and other officers who know what needs to be done and can ‘hit the ground running’. Our services are fully compliant with HMRC rules on employment taxation.

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Best Practice Consultancy

We have developed a range of consultancy products which enable us to work with you in a structured way to review and develop community strategies, undertake staffing reviews, develop training plans, conduct community communication surveys, review budgeting and accounting processes, and recruit key staff.

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Training Services

We deliver a range of courses and training assets aimed at developing the practical skills needed by local councils to carry out their role effectively. We employ advanced training delivery methods that make optimum use of classroom based training, webinars, video, online training aids, and clear, practical course materials.

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Outsourced Services

Our outsourced services enable council staff and councillors to focus their valuable time to greatest effect in the knowledge that routine but time-consuming tasks, such as payroll accounting, bookkeeping, HR administration, document management, and IT service provision are all being carried out securely and to the highest standards.

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Our Latest News

LGRC Building on Recruitment Success in 2024

Are you looking for top quality candidates for your vacant Town Clerk position?  Struggling to know where to start?  LGRC is recognised as the most effective specialist recruitment service for town and parish councils in the UK.  Over the past year, the Company has recruited top quality candidates for councils up and down the country.  In 2023, our Vice Chair Steve Milton recruited excellent new clerks for Looe, Amesbury and Spennymoor Town Councils.
Mayor of Amesbury, Monica Devendran said of Steve and LGRC:
“Steve Milton has displayed exceptional skills and professionalism in his dual roles as a Locum town clerk and HR specialist in the recruitment of a new town clerk. His outstanding recruitment process and dedication to finding the right candidate for the position have greatly contributed to the success of the organization.”
“Steve’s recruitment process was thorough and comprehensive. He demonstrated a deep understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of the town clerk role, allowing him to effectively assess the skills and qualifications of potential candidates. His meticulous approach ensured that only the most suitable individuals were considered, resulting in a highly qualified pool of applicants.”
“As an experienced local council recruitment specialist, Steve approached the process with a strategic mindset. He utilized a variety of sourcing methods to attract a diverse range of candidates, ensuring equal opportunities for all. His attention to detail in reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and checking references ensured that every aspect of the recruitment process was carried out meticulously.”
“Steve’s excellent communication skills were instrumental in his success as an HR specialist. He effectively communicated with candidates, providing them with clear information about the position, the organization, and the recruitment process. His prompt and transparent communication style fostered a positive candidate experience and helped to build trust and rapport.”
“Furthermore, Steve’s dedication to finding the right candidate for the town clerk position was evident throughout the recruitment process. He took the time to understand the unique needs and culture of the organization, ensuring that the candidates presented aligned with these requirements. His commitment to quality and his ability to identify the best fit for the role was invaluable in making the final selection.”
“Overall, Steve Milton’s performance as a Locum town clerk and HR specialist in the recruitment of a new town clerk was exceptional. His excellent recruitment process, combined with his strategic approach and effective communication skills, have made a significant impact on the organization. I highly recommend Steve Milton for any future roles that require an individual with outstanding recruitment expertise and as an experienced Clerk.”
If you need help to find the best people, then please consider using a company with a proven track record of success.  Getting it right the first time will save you time and save you money.  Consider LGRC, we are only too happy to help.
Mayor of Amesbury, Cllr Monica Devendran, welcomes
new Clerk SarahTucker to the Town Council.

Contacting LGRC over the Christmas Period


LGRC offices are  taking a Christmas break from Saturday 23 Dec and we will be back on Wednesday 3 January.

However, we will always respond to anything urgent – just send us an email to with ‘URGENT’ in the subject line or drop us a voicemail on 01404 45973 and we will pick it up and reply.

Otherwise, we will respond to normal enquiries when we return.


 Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year

David Mcknight,

Chief Executive