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What We Do

Working in partnership with established sector bodies such as the SLCC, NALC, and the CALCs, we support Town, Parish and Community Councils in adopting and applying best practice to achieve excellence across all aspects of their responsibilities. This means helping Councils to achieve best practice in:

  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Administration
  • Risk management
  • Financial management
  • Community asset management
  • Purchasing
  • Processes, systems, and procedures
  • HR management and skills development
  • IT usage and security
  • Project management

Our services fall into four broad categories:

Locum and Interim services

LGRC can provide a well-qualified locum or interim member of staff to meet your specific short-term need, whether this is for an interim clerk, deputy clerk, RFO, or other member of staff. Our locums are very experienced and qualified local council clerks and other officers who know what needs to be done and can ‘hit the ground running’. Locums can be made available for just a few weeks or, in some cases, a year or longer, part time or full time.

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Consultancy services

To help local councils apply best practice across a range of areas, for example: strategic planning, decision making, financial and budget management, staffing and HR matters, delivering council services as efficiently as possible, meeting regulatory or legal compliance requirements, or successfully taking on new responsibilities.

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Training services

Covering training needs analysis, course design, training delivery, and training impact assessment – to ensure that council staff are operating at high levels of performance and efficiency, and that risks are reduced across all areas of a council’s responsibilities.

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Outsourcing and shared services

To achieve maximum delivery capacity and efficiencies across the full range of council services and internal management tasks.

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