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A Local Council cannot fully understand the needs and aspirations of the community it serves until an effective Community Survey has been carried out and the results analysed. It is an extremely important step in informing the Council’s Business Strategy, allows the Council to test its own ideas by means of the Survey Questionnaire, and demonstrates that a Council places a high value on feedback from the community.

Successful surveys need thought and planning to ensure that the results obtained are clear. The LGRC approach to Community Surveys is highly effective and incorporates the following key steps:

  • Agreement of Survey Objectives and types of information to be collected
  • Decide on a suitable mix of survey methods (postal, online, street interview, survey stalls, sampling basis etc)
  • Design of questionnaire
  • Work with media and other organisations to publicise the survey
  • Conduct survey
  • Collect and analyse results
  • Draft and agree report
  • Report to Council