Our Governance Health Check and Performance Review is designed to help local councils benchmark their governance effectiveness, identify areas of risk or weakness, and understand what improvements could be implemented to achieve best practice.  It adopts a checklist approach to review the effectiveness of a council’s governance in areas such as:

  • Constitutional Framework
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Community Interaction
  • HR Management

We cover all the normally accepted aspects of Governance such as Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, the Scheme of Delegations and the Ethical Framework, but also go far further to look in depth at a host of different areas, such as:

  • To what extent the decision making process is free from predetermination,
  • Policies to address the risk of a council facing legal action,
  • The level of training given on freedom of information,
  • Staff retention policy,
  • Chains of responsibility for assets.

We create and provide to you a comprehensive and confidential report giving a frank and detailed assessment of all your governance processes and how they compare to current best practice standards. We identify all the processes that meet the assessment criteria and, where we do find any issues that may require your attention, we make constructive recommendations on potential courses of action to address these.

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Contact us on info@lgrc.uk or 01404 45973 to discuss how this service can help your council.