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Staff are the Council’s most important resource. With a properly managed and trained staff team the Council can be confident of achieving its objectives in an effective and efficient manner.  Conversely, problems in this area soon manifest themselves in poor service to customers and ultimately in an inability to fulfil the goals which the Council has set itself.

A staffing review helps ensure that the right level of resourcing is achieved, any skills gaps can be addressed by means of training and/or recruitment, the right skillsets are developed to deliver against the Council’s plans, and any need for additional resources and skills is identified early.

LGRC’s approach would normally incorporate the following:

  • Review of current workload drivers
  • Analyse current staffing and skill levels
  • Assess the impact on staffing of the Council’s business plan and key projects foreseen
  • Define optimum future staffing levels and skill requirements
  • Define roles and identify skills gaps
  • Evaluate current staffing in relation to these
  • Prepare training and recruitment plans
  • Prepare report for Council

We can also help with the design and implementation of appraisal systems, undertake training, manage the recruitment of key staff, and help resolve staff problems.