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Local Councils will often have to make important decisions concerning the supply of services or capital items and will need to be able to demonstrate that a good decision was reached, following a fair, open and rigorous process. Often a tender process will be required to achieve the best outcome and comply with best practice guidelines.

In all such situations, LGRC can provide support either by managing the complete process through to the preparation of recommendations for a Council decision or, alternatively, assist at specific points in the process, for example with the preparation of the tender document, evaluation of supplier bids, or contract negotiations with a selected supplier.

The complete process for a complex purchasing decision would normally involve the following steps:

  • Review of requirements and preparation of tender package
  • Creation of a shortlist of potential contractors invited to tender
  • Publicising request to tender and issuing invitations
  • Responding to pre-tender queries
  • Managing the process for receiving tenders
  • Conduct of any post-tender negotiations
  • Analysis of tenders and production of tender evaluation report
  • Make recommendations to Council
  • Inform tenderers of the Council’s decision
  • Preparation and issue of contract to successful bidder