LGRC Launches Local Council Climate Change Healthcheck


Local Councils have a significant role to play in addressing the climate change agenda within their communities and this has now become the number one public policy challenge of our lifetimes. Many councils have responded to by declaring a climate emergency and are looking to take action to eliminate carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions within their communities.


Now LGRC has developed a new Climate Change Healthcheck  to assess the current situation within a Local Council’s area of operation and recommend an Action Plan. The emphasis is on practical actions that Local Councils can take and reflects best practice approaches such as those recommended by NALC and Friends of the Earth. It focusses on  things that Local Councils can realistically do and is based on in three areas of action,

  • Actions a Council can take with respect to its own assets ( Buildings, public open spaces etc.)
  • Actions that the Council can within its own community on its own or with partners
  • Actions the Council can take to educate the community on actions that they can take.

LGRC is now ready to assist Councils who are  in need of a framework to build their climate change action plans

Contact us today to discuss how this might work for your Council.

  • Think Globally, Act Locally