LGRC Plans Move to an Employee Owned Trust

In 2022 LGRC will commence a transition from being a company owned and managed by its founders to become one owned and managed by its employee partners.


LGRC was founded in 2014 by a small group of three directors  and in the time since then has evolved to be the leading provider of temporary skills and resources to the Local Council sector. With hundreds of successful assignments completed the company has a strong reputation with clients and a wide portfolio of services it can offer. In 2021/22 the company turnover has grown by more than 50%.


Now the company is entering a new phase of its development as the current owners Nick and Wendy Randle begin to pass control of the company to an Employee Owned Trust ( EOT) which will hold shares , appoint directors and manage the company on behalf of a group of employee partners who work for LGRC.  An EOT is similar to the “John Lewis” model of company ownership and management. This transition will lay the foundations for the future development of the company which has an ambitious business plan to provide more high quality skills and services to councils who are facing times of change.


Managing Director Nick Randle commented “ LGRC has far exceeded our expectations of it when we first established the  service. Now we are providing a sound framework for the future as Wendy and I prepare to slowly step back once the EOT is established. The 5 year business plan is realistic but very exciting going forward”.


As part of the transition LGRC appointed a new General Manager, David McKnight in September 2021. That successful appointment has laid the foundation for the creation of the EOT. David said “LGRC, like any other successful business, needs to work at maintaining its market leadership.  Becoming an employee-owned trust helps us improve efficiency, makes us more cohesive, and engages our people in running the business, resulting in increased benefits for clients.


LGRC partners welcomed the plan following a partners meeting in January and some of their comments are set out here .


Louise Steele said “As Local Council practitioners we’ve devoted years of our lives, sometimes entire careers, to this important, and often quirky, grass-roots level of local government. We do it because we love the sector and local democracy. LGRC provides valuable services to Local Councils and by directly engaging us in the management of the company it will be even more effective at delivering the services councils need.”


Steve Milton observed that “Nick and all of us here at LGRC aspire to deliver the very highest professional standards for every single client we support. Demand for our services has really exploded over the last few years and the new organisation structure is designed to meet the needs of Local Councils now and in the future. I’m super proud to be part of a team that delivers consistent results – providing top quality work for every one of our clients, every time.  To be invited to join the Board really is the highlight of my local government career.”


Samantha Haywood commented “We believe that becoming an EOT will further bind partners together and enable us to continue being a high quality service provider for the local government sector with highly skilled, experienced, and engaged consultants committed and dedicated to improving Councils across the UK. Being part of an EOT has to be about the people and ensuring an efficient and effective service is provided every time.”


LGRC has recently joined the Employee Ownership Association to share the experience of other companies who have made the journey to employee ownership and to learn how to make the most of the benefits of this form of company governance.


We hope this move will reinforce the experience that clients have of our service and further increase the range of services we can offer.